There are many things to do and see in and around Barrington/Gloucester. Some of them are free, some involve travel and others can all be done for you or your group. Lots of information can be found at the Visitors Centre which is located at 27 Denison Street, Gloucester.

Buckets Walk

A walk that will take you above Gloucester to take in breath taking views. More...

Gloucester District Park

Sheltered seating; extensive passive recreation areas; formal gardens; picnic areas and open spaces. More...

Boomerang Walk

The Gloucester Boomerang Discovery Walk is an easy self-guided stroll through Gloucester District Park.

Gloucester Tops & Barrington Tops

This rugged park is full of contrasts. Carved out of an ancient volcano, it rises from near sea level to over 1500m. More...


Canoeing on the Barrington River can be done with your own vessel at your own risk. Alternatively there are other canoe hire companies nearby.